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NickPerrin's News

Posted by NickPerrin - August 31st, 2014

...my very own domain website.


Could it get any simpler? WOO HOO! More changes to the site are likely to be made in the near future, but in the meantime you can hear demos of my music right this second.

If you want to work together, now's the time! Let's get cracking on some great projects.

Posted by NickPerrin - June 26th, 2011

Hello again, NG!

This is a big announcement for me and because of its relevance to Newgrounds might be pretty cool for you too!

I'm now officially part of the Symphony of Specters team!

If you haven't heard of the Symphony before, they're a team of composers, sound designers and voice actors that began on NG. Most of the NG audience knows them because they did the music for the Newgrounds game "Castle Crashers." Since then, they have SERIOUSLY expanded their efforts and have been taking on lots of great projects. It's a pleasure to be able to work with them.

You can check them out at the following link.


I'm handling chiptune music and orchestral fusions for the team, so be sure to check out my new audio reel at either of the two options.

At the SoS official website. Click on my name in the music player, then the play button.
http://www.symphonyofspecters.com/port folio/audio-reels

On Newgrounds at the SoS account.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /430582

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and I'm looking forward to working with the Symphony from now into the future as we push our music to the limits.

- Nick P.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Symphony of Specters!

Posted by NickPerrin - June 15th, 2011

Hey NG folks,

Back with an update for everyone. A few things to cover.

- New account icon! Looks snazzier than the old one, but don't worry, I saved it for safekeeping :)

- I did the soundtrack for a game called "2DCraft," a 2D version of Minecraft authorized by Mojang themselves! Check it out at 2dcraft.net . My music will be in a future build of the game.

- I'm working on an 8-bit game soundtrack that sounds like a mix of Castlevania and Megaman. Stay tuned for more info on the music and the game.

- I'm doing arrangements with the team for the ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) project "Twilight Symphony" which is nearing completion, a MASSIVE orchestral arrangement album covering all of the music from the game Twilight Princess! Check out the site at http://www.zreomusic.com/

- Go to my new BANDCAMP site for the 2DCraft soundtrack and ONE EXCLUSIVE TRACK called "Resurgence" that will only be there for a limited time! You can also find higher-quality versions of some music that already exists here, if you want it in FLAC! The music is cheap to buy and supports my future music career meaning more tunes! Check it all out at http://nickperrin.bandcamp.com/

- I have a twitter page now and will be updating it with every new track, album and project I'm working on. I'll be spending less time on NG with all the projects I have, so follow me there if you want more frequent updates: http://twitter.com/nick_perrin

- I'm on AudioJungle now. There's only one track up at the moment but more will come. If you want to buy music for licensing purposes, you can find my page at http://audiojungle.net/user/NickPerrin /portfolio

- Finally, I have a BIG announcement to make that's relevant to NG and music and me, but I can't say what it is just yet, so STAY TUNED! It's pretty exciting.

Thanks for stopping by, check out the Bandcamp page for the new track and drop me a line in the comments if you have any questions or want to talk!


- Nick P.

Summer 2011 Update!

Posted by NickPerrin - March 2nd, 2011

Hey everyone!

This post is mainly here so my account page doesn't show up with the long, old post from before. But also:

- I have 3 new tracks for February 2011, go check them out!
- These 3 tracks came out of doing the FAWM challenge which is a challenge to crank out music during the month of February. February may be over, but the habit of composing more regularly has stayed, so I'll be posting more music than usual this year!
- MAKE REQUESTS! I try to switch genres as much as I can to better my versatility as a working composer. If you want to hear some funk, ambient, metal, or any other genre I haven't done enough, request it here and I might just get around to it!
- If you are a game dev or animator and need original music for project work, send me a message! I am more than prepared to help you out, and existing music can be used as well as creating anew.

Enjoy the music below and I'll see you guys around.

Posted by NickPerrin - April 13th, 2010

Hey everyone.

I've been going through my old NG tracks and noticed I've promised new 8-bit and haven't posted any new songs here.

The new 8-bit might take a little while longer, not that it's going to be hard to finish but my musical priorities have been keeping me busy, as well as a busy work life that is soon to change.

But in any case, some updates:

--- I turned 21 last month! Starting to feel older.

--- My first track to be posted on OCRemix will be appearing soon! It's already on here, but "Power Trip" in which I remixed a track from the game Contra Force passed the judging process and should be posted on their front page any day now. I plan to continue submitting to them with additional tracks in the future, you all know how I love videogame music!

--- I'm reviving my old metal project "Haunted Era" from the ground up, to be composed slowly within the next year or two, and released eventually soon after that. With much better production and composition skills than I had when I started it ages ago, I can finally speak in the genre the way I wanted to and get it across the finish line. And, it wouldn't hurt if someone helped suggest some new names. I mean, I was younger, Haunted Era sounded cool back then XD

I've posted a short sample of a track from said project that I've been working on, to give you a taste of what is coming. I'd rather post the full track when it's done but I posted it as is for now since I haven't posted any new music, be it a minute or five long, for a good while.

--- I've been working on, and am working currently on a super-secret music project with some other very talented people outside of NG. Think soundtrack, and think video game. Other than that I can't give out any more details until it's nearing release, which may take until the end of the year. It could potentially be the biggest thing I've worked on so I'll be sure to update again when I can!

Thanks for staying tuned, I LUV U GUYZ.

Despite all the different avenues of music I'm continually driving onto these days, I'll always be back to where I started most of this, and that is on NG. Talk again soon. Just with more actual MuZiK next time.


Nick P.

Been real busy, folks.

Posted by NickPerrin - June 12th, 2009

Hey fellow musicians and listeners!

For my chiptune fans...

I have SIX chiptunes in the works currently. In fact, they were all in progress while I released the ones that were finished. I've decided to finally get them all done. All of them are inspired from the styles of real NES chiptunes, as if they could be dropped right into the 80's and early 90's right away. I've learned a lot about chiptune composition and arrangement through remixing 8-bit tunes and studying the techniques of 8-bit work.

ALL THE CHIPTUNES, LIKE THE ONES I'VE ALREADY RELEASED, ARE MADE WITHIN THE NES HARDWARE LIMITS - 1 Triangle Wave, 2 Square Waves, 1 Noise Channel, 1 DPCM channel. The songs never exceed those limits. I want to make them sound like they could really come straight out of a NES game.

Status on those chiptunes will be updated here.

I won't be releasing any until they're all done - they will all be released simultaneously on the same day! Stay tuned for that time!

1.) SpaceFarer [DONE!]- Shmup-style space action! Think Gradius.

2.) Chip Man [in progress] - Why, it's like level music for a Megaman robot master!

3.) Shined Blind [in progress] - Wacky and all-over-the-place! Fun stuff.

4.) In a Flash [in progress] - Stylish butt-kicking time!

5.) Sky Hawks [in progress] - Aerial fighter-style game music!

6.) Task Force 8 [in progress] - Side-scrolling Contra-style shooter action. This track is special because I'm pretending I have the VRC6 sound chip, and giving the track EXTRA CHANNELS and BASS!

Stay tuned folks....
Six chiptunes are going to drop soon, out of nowhere.

Feel free to leave some comments, and I will respond to any questions/comments etc.

Six chiptunes to come.

Posted by NickPerrin - June 4th, 2008

So Milkman-Dan on his great Canadian Audio Tour checked into the Sutton Hotel in Toronto over the weekend, and although he was out when I dropped by, and everyone else had visited the day before, I met up with (NG Tank Award-Winning!) Maestro. We worked a bit on the collaboration track (and as you'll hear, had some difficulties with Dan's CUBASE!), did an interview, and ate Sobey's chicken with our bare hands. It was pretty tasty.

Without further ado, here's the interview!

http://www.symphonyofspecters.com/file s/audiosad/Interview2.mp3

P.S. If you really want to piss Maestro off... tell him his songs sound like Naruto.

Posted by NickPerrin - March 30th, 2008


Okay, music composers of Newgrounds and others from around the world. Want me to lay the truth on you right away?

-You suck.-

That's right. You read that correctly. You suck, and chances are good that not only do you suck, but you probably suck a lot. You especially suck a lot more than you think you do.

But hey, don't feel bad - or at least, don't feel singled out. I suck too. Even every day I get better, I suck more. Every time I think I'm good, the facts hit me like a brick wall and it's clear that I still suck.

Sucking is an epidemic, but it's not new, nor is it obvious. But it has a cure.

I think a lot of people suck at composition but the person I most focus on in that department is myself. Every time I, or you, think you're good, someone younger or who has invested less time will kick the shit out of us and we won't understand how it happened. Every time we want to believe we've achieved something in our composition, we've gotten somewhere, face it - you and I probably still suck.
(There are a few guys on here who I think don't suck, but if you asked them, I'm sure they'd feel they do, even if only at times. There are people who think I don't suck, but I'd tell them they're wrong.)

Now - by telling you that you suck, I don't mean that you should go cry and cut your wrists. In fact I don't mean it as something to get you down AT ALL. What I'm saying is that with the internet, you're going to discover another truth:

-You are not special for being able to compose music.-

Ouch, right? Two painful truths in one blog entry. But allow me to explain.

If you want to start a band, be a film composer, be a studio musician or concert performer, you're probably doing something about it. People around you are noticing, and your friends and other people you know might even be impressed. Maybe even really impressed. If you want to GET somewhere, if you want to achieve a certain skill level in your craft, you have to start knowing and believing that you are not cool or amazing just for being able to put together a song here and there.

What you should know and believe is that you are cool and amazing for composing COOL and AMAZING music. Especially in the commercial sphere where there are too many musicians vying for commercial success for you to simply be able to compose "nicely".

The more and more that I do this, the more I hear composers that are just like you, out there with hopes for perfection of their craft but without direction. Film composition - an elitist compositional career, right? Very little competition? You could NOT be more wrong. Modern technology has turned every little Jimmy with a piano keyboard into an orchestrator.

And speaking of the general public - I was talking to a guy last night who didn't know what a "key" was in a musical sense. You must realize that the general public is so musically unaware that almost no matter what you compose, if it has a tune and can be listened to on an iPod, then someone somewhere is going to be impressed with your stack of aural shit.

The next person we'll find is musically unaware is ourselves. Maybe you were one of those Mozarts, those Beethovens, who started Music early and continued with it baffling everyone in your grade 5 classes at school playing Grade 10 piano pieces. But chances are, especially if you're here on NG, that you weren't. Thus, our understanding of music - wait for it - sucks. (And I'm jealous of you young-starters.)

To be honest, even being an amazing performer with massive theory knowledge says nothing about your ability to compose - I personally know people whose theory and technical knowledge as well as their performance ability greatly outstrips my own, yet these people have never written a single song, and some can't even IMAGINE doing so. Moving on...

If we want to become truly good at composing music, it's not enough to just keep composing. Among many other things, the first step is to IGNORE praise that doesn't come from someone who is blatantly and obviously better than you.

Unless you're just doing music as a casual activity or hobby, I want you to ignore all those rave reviews your shitty new song is getting and pay attention to the critical ones, and the ones that come from composers who can and have already musically shit on you. Hell, I'm sorry to say but apart from replying to reviews that warranted replying, I've tried to ignore virtually every review on my pieces that hasn't come from someone like Winterwind, for example, who is obviously more skilled than me. If I release a song, then it's because I personally think it's good enough, so the reviews telling me it's good aren't going to do anything more than further that thought until it becomes delusion.

Okay, so maybe you shouldn't totally ignore it all. But if we pay too much attention to it, we're going to feed our egos until they're too fat to get out the front door in the morning.

Before I start getting even more ridiculously prescriptive, let's get back to the main topic.

All that you need to remember from this unnecessarily long rant is this:

Our ability to compose music is a common talent shared by many, and our skill in composition pales in comparison to many of those who share that talent. While your friends or your girlfriends may call us things like "Genius" (which is absolutely fucking ludicrous), and it might make us feel all good and cool and skilled as a composer, we still have MILES AND MILES AND MILES TO GO before we're actually legitimately good.

And there are many who are good. Very many.

Here's where the hopefulness kicks in, though - if we "Suck", we don't have to forever. But we're going to have to do something about it, and make a conscious effort.

Nowhere here in this rant do I mean to imply futility towards ANY of our musical goals - in fact, I encourage quite the opposite, no matter how little a chance we think we have of accomplishing those goals, they can be pursued and completed.

We've all fallen victim to this self-appreciation that often comes as a composer, it's called ego and everyone gets it. Ego isn't always the problem though, it's often the general music awareness.

If the worth of a thing can be established by comparing it against others, then it's no wonder we all continue to compose shit and think it doesn't suck. People tell you how good you are, yet they are comparing your music to their own horribly childish perceptions of it.

You DO NOT have an ego problem. You hear me? Well, most of you, anyway, don't have ego problems. The real problem, as stated above, stems from the average non-composing public who FEEDS our egos because they actually think our music is good. Opinions from the musically unaware, the sonically uneducated, are nothing more than impressions.

There is hope, of course - there are those in the professional realm who should be able to sit down and say "I finally don't suck." And for a great deal of them, they'd be right (there are those who have had commercial success but are musically worse than even a select few here on Newgrounds, who are the ones who should really be raking in that cash). But we're not them, not yet anyway.

So face it, Newgrounds Audio Portal composers - you probably all suck. And so do I. Welcome to the club. Let's do something about it, eh? We can't suck forever. I know we can't suck forever because we are going to actually do something about it, not just because our "parents tell me I'm going to be famous, and my girlfriend calls me a real genius and says I'm going to go far in music!"

I don't mean this rant to be negative, despite the ridiculous negativity that permeates it. :D We do and always will, have space to improve. So work on it and make ourselves amazing as composers. This is the best thing - it's NEVER too late to become amazing. Dedicate ourselves to being better through whatever we can, and we will most definitely reach a point where problems with our work are hard to find, or rather, no one really cares to try and find them because they enjoy the music so much.

When I say "you suck" or "I suck," it's not really a personal thing. Even if you are very good, the problem is that there are so many people out there who are just as good as you. If the same quality of product was available in 50 different brands at your grocery store, would it really matter which one you chose?

So go be amazing, just know that we're probably not there yet and we probably won't be for a long time. Not the end of the world, and hey, anytime we're feeling down we can let our egos have just a LITTLE snack from people you know who hear your music. And once we stop sucking, well, we can still be improving even from there. And at least we'll probably be getting paid. :D


The sad truth about being a composer. (BIG RANT!)

Posted by NickPerrin - March 19th, 2008

(If you want to skip to my music discussed in this post, check it out at the Haunted Era MySpace)

When I first heard the song "The Presence is Ominous" on the album "Quintessence" by Borknagar, an obscure metal band hailing from Norway, I think that was the turning point. That was the moment when I first heard what music could be. I must have listened to that song, and subsequently that album nonstop for the rest of the week. I never knew music could even have such effects on people. I literally got a physical high off that song the first few times.

I had been listening to junk, just like "everyone else" my whole life. More importantly, music was only an afterthought to "everything else". I had been de-sensitizing my critical ear by continually listening to stuff from simplistic game soundtracks and the same few artists over and over. Without this numbing of musical openness, that first transcendental metal song never would have hit home so hard. Today, music has transformed from an afterthought into a career choice.

Needless to say, after whetting my appetite with that album, I moved on to explore more of their albums and more of the insanely vast genre that is Metal. Over time I developed a very discerning taste for the genre. Somehow, I ended up composing my own metal. In the past even before that, I had attempted composing in the same style as those game soundtracks I used to listen to, with horrendous results, but after all this good metal I felt like I had a real musical grounding now, so I decided to put together a serious "project."

Drawing on every influence of my very favourite metal bands(and there are few that I really enjoy), I created "Haunted Era." I don't play guitar, bass, drums, piano or all the symphonic instruments I wanted to use, so I programmed all of the music via my PC, Logic Audio and a whole bunch of plug-ins. I knew nothing about audio production but the music just had to come out! Despite all my hard efforts and literally hours worth of music, I had not produced a final album. Just songs, bits of songs, and ideas. What WAS done was good, though.

So, this can officially be called my first real musical endeavour - now, I'm doing mainly symphonic stuff and tinkering with audio production techniques. In the coming months, perhaps even year if it takes that long, I intend to finally complete this album, taking into account the original vision I had of a brand of metal that is all at once intimate, powerful, ambitious, dark, and complex. Hopefully with new hardware and software, newfound audio production knowledge, and improved compositional skill, I can revive this project and make it what it was always meant to be. A lot of interest was expressed in the music from very many angles, so there is no question that albums could indeed be sold.

For those into very melodic, musical metal, or those just interested/curious, you can check out a few tracks from back in the day at the Haunted Era MySpace.

I sign into that Myspace account every once in a while to check on this, but it is mostly to preserve the music I made years ago. I hope to update it again soon, with remastered, reworked versions of the tracks and finally put together a full, cohesive album.

Guys, let me know what you think! Oh, and the only problem I ever had with this "band" was the name, people didn't seem to like it. Any suggestions??

EDIT: Holy shit. Just did a google search of "Haunted Era" and found this, which I've NEVER seen before today, notice how it says "17 year old" and I'm 19 now :
http://www.sonicfrontiers.net/forum/vi ewtopic.php?t=273&highlight=&sid=bf9f5 16622a758f0a43711cf6af77eda

I deserve a label-contract, eh? Well, why don't I try to do that this year?

My first real venture into music was METAL.....