Back in the Game!

2011-03-02 11:49:13 by NickPerrin

Hey everyone!

This post is mainly here so my account page doesn't show up with the long, old post from before. But also:

- I have 3 new tracks for February 2011, go check them out!
- These 3 tracks came out of doing the FAWM challenge which is a challenge to crank out music during the month of February. February may be over, but the habit of composing more regularly has stayed, so I'll be posting more music than usual this year!
- MAKE REQUESTS! I try to switch genres as much as I can to better my versatility as a working composer. If you want to hear some funk, ambient, metal, or any other genre I haven't done enough, request it here and I might just get around to it!
- If you are a game dev or animator and need original music for project work, send me a message! I am more than prepared to help you out, and existing music can be used as well as creating anew.

Enjoy the music below and I'll see you guys around.


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2011-03-04 21:29:28

Would it be possible to step some techno impressionism? I know it sounds weird, but I bet there is some way to make a memorable song with that in mind. Kind of like a new genre. Imprechno? haha

NickPerrin responds:

Sounds tricky haha. But I think a name like "Imprechno" would definitely garner attention!


2011-04-24 01:19:26

You should really submit your Belmont Legend song to

NickPerrin responds:

Thanks! I agree. I'm actually going to finally finish that whole 8-bit-to-orchestra album this year, reworking several tracks such as Belmont Legend in the process while creating new ones. Once I've made a new and polished version of the track you're sure to see it on OCRemix!


2011-05-11 01:42:44


Plz keep on Classical genre! I love your work within it!

NickPerrin responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it.
Classical and orchestral music is at the core of my music-making and I'll never give it up. I'm constantly working on improving my handle on that genre. Cheers!