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I loved this.

Amazing animation, the facial expressions are priceless. It was just weird enough to be absolutely hilarious. All the characters are ridiculous and memorable.

Can't wait for more work from you guys!


This is like "how is babby formed," but on crack. I was laughing the entire way through this. Excellent voice acting, great animation that just makes it oh-so-dramatic and hilarious, and of course you had some amazing real life source material to work with. Too bad it was deleted - but it inspired many to review in the same vein on that flash.



Easily the best thing I've seen on NG in a long time. Watched pokemon religiously after school when I was a kid just like most people. This was HILARIOUS.

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Awesome, but... Megaman!

This game is fun and nearly perfect. I am having a blast playing it. The only issue I've had with it so far is that Mega Man's control feels a bit off, mainly in his initial acceleration and jumping. Mega Man must be my favourite NES franchise so naturally I'm nitpicking ;)

Otherwise this is a fantastic concept and a ton of fun! In my opinion you should capitalize on the popularity this has had by making your own ad revenue from it, rather than allowing all these leeching idiots to make a profit (indirectly) from your work.

Looking forward to more works from you! If you plan to make any original 8-bit games I'd be more than happy to do the 8-bit soundtracks for them. You have the style, control and physics down pat for making your own NES-style game. Check out my profile to listen to 8-bit tunes I've composed, we could definitely work together.

Keep up the great work,


Lots of fun and instantly playable. Good stuff!

Thanks for using my chiptune - this is exactly the kind of game it should be used in. I'd never put it to any actual game and I'm glad to see it feels like a good oldschool Shmup when it all comes together.



A better game hath naught been made.

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Why hello fellow 101% Run arranger.

Great work, nice arrangement with a fantastic atmosphere and full sound. Really has an earthy vibe which was a nice change from the more spacey feel of most of the album. Plus I'm always a duduk fan. The ending is very well executed. Lots of fun overall, and reminds me I should upload my HoaH arrangement here! Cheers.

Step responds:

Hello there fellow 101%er!

I'm glad you enjoyed it man, it feels great coming from you! The album does have quite a bit of a spacey feel in a lot of its submissions but it does have quite a lot of orchestral too! Darren takes full responsibility for that :3.

Oh god yes, duduks are incredible. I love them to bits, and I think they're my favourite woodwind instrument. The flute is my favourite standard woodwind instrument though.

Thanks for dropping by, man. Your arrangement is absolutely phenomenal and this reminds me that I haven't favourited you on Newgrounds yet. Shame on me!

Thanks again!

Hey man - this is a nice track, but it's technically against the NG audio portal rules (no music made with premade loops allowed). I have no interest in reporting this and getting it taken down, BUT you should know that it's not likely to be accepted as an entry in the contest.
Hope this helps!

Ceevro responds:

I've read the NG guidelines, and the prohibition is against COPYRIGHTED loops. None of these loops infringe on copyright, they are all used legally! I would not use them otherwise!

Love it. I don't currently have the time to write out a full a review, but you've got a fan. Good luck in the contest!

BTW, I've never heard of low volume being a symptom of a computer that isn't powerful. I have no idea how the two could possibly be connected in any technical situation ever. In any case, I really do like the dynamic range of this piece.

TaylorS responds:

I use Finale 2012 and Garritan Personal Orchestra 4. It seems that the whole thing is based off how much RAM your computer has and I can't seem to find a way to increase the volume without clipping occurring. I'm not very wise to the technical aspect of these audio programming so any advice would be appreciated.

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Photorealistic, excellent blend of colours, wonderful.


Hahaha that is amazing.
How that Cthulhu keeps it lit underwater in R'lyeh is a mystery to me, but then again none of us are mad players like Cthulhu...

Very cool.

Lovecraft rules, and over the years many artists have rendered his hideous creatures in art. This appears to do him justice once again, and is really fitting into the style of the other Lovecraftian beasts.

I agree with the reviewer below that the feet may anatomically not work, however I like them anyway as I think their strange design adds an element to the creature hinting at "some unspeakable evil" as Lovecraft might put it... :D

"And it is only through complete, unswerving devotion to the perfect blending of form and substance; it is only through an unremitting never-discouraged care... that the light of magic suggestiveness may be brought to play for an evanescent instant..."

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