"And it is only through complete, unswerving devotion to the perfect blending of form and substance; it is only through an unremitting never-discouraged care... that the light of magic suggestiveness may be brought to play for an evanescent instant..."

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Hey NG folks. 👋

It's always fun checking back in here and seeing that the place is still standing, seeing new comments on my old posts and music, new followers hoping I'll continue where I left off. I was inspired to check in by running into another NG musician in a facebook group recently. I'm not coming back to Newgrounds - not in any serious capacity - so I figured I owed it to anyone curious of my whereabouts to say where to find me now and what I've been up to.

I love music with all my heart and had planned to pursue it as a full-time career since I posted this track in 2008. However, after some work with Symphony of Specters, and some soul-searching around 2016, I realized my life-long love of working on games (something I did as a kid even before I got into music) was even more important to me, and I spent the next several years working hard to gain the technical skills & schooling necessary to become a competent game developer.

And today, I've been working full-time as a game dev for just under 2 years. I'm at a studio called Snowman working on a pretty cool project that I'll be able to talk about soon. It's a small company so I've had a big part in this thing. I also have my own projects in the pipeline - will have a lot more to say about those next year. It took a lot of energy and focus to switch gears so drastically (whoever said you needed to be good at math for music was lying, that was a painful re-education), so music took a backseat for a while. But my deep love for the art & craft of it never subsided. Lately, I've had some time to focus on the music again, and if you're interested in what I've been up to, you can follow me in some new places:

All my new stuff will get posted to these places, and you get the added benefit of knowing I'm still alive 😂 any news about my game projects will get posted to my personal instagram and youtube as well.

Speaking of which, I've just recently posted a couple new tracks, and maybe there's some other music on those platforms that's new to you, too. I've got about 7-8 new tracks on the way as well, to be released over the next few months, so stay tuned. One of the upcoming tracks is a slight upgrade to a piece I consider a personal classic of mine, which still exists in its original form on this NG account!

As far as the future of my music goes, I no longer intend to make a career out of it, but I am still in it. I've been learning new things, continuing my education in it, I'm playing live shows, I'm working on new music, and I fully intend to score my own games and give it my all there. There also may or may not be an album in the longer-term works...

Hope everyone's doing well, it's been a pleasure. Posting music, being a part of the community and the "orchestral wave" here for 7+ years created tons of great memories and I was inspired by so many other artists that posted on this site. I already effectively left this place years ago, but I never really said a proper goodbye, so I'll just say this: here's to the next adventure. 🍻 🚢



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