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Been real busy, folks.

Posted by NickPerrin - April 13th, 2010

Hey everyone.

I've been going through my old NG tracks and noticed I've promised new 8-bit and haven't posted any new songs here.

The new 8-bit might take a little while longer, not that it's going to be hard to finish but my musical priorities have been keeping me busy, as well as a busy work life that is soon to change.

But in any case, some updates:

--- I turned 21 last month! Starting to feel older.

--- My first track to be posted on OCRemix will be appearing soon! It's already on here, but "Power Trip" in which I remixed a track from the game Contra Force passed the judging process and should be posted on their front page any day now. I plan to continue submitting to them with additional tracks in the future, you all know how I love videogame music!

--- I'm reviving my old metal project "Haunted Era" from the ground up, to be composed slowly within the next year or two, and released eventually soon after that. With much better production and composition skills than I had when I started it ages ago, I can finally speak in the genre the way I wanted to and get it across the finish line. And, it wouldn't hurt if someone helped suggest some new names. I mean, I was younger, Haunted Era sounded cool back then XD

I've posted a short sample of a track from said project that I've been working on, to give you a taste of what is coming. I'd rather post the full track when it's done but I posted it as is for now since I haven't posted any new music, be it a minute or five long, for a good while.

--- I've been working on, and am working currently on a super-secret music project with some other very talented people outside of NG. Think soundtrack, and think video game. Other than that I can't give out any more details until it's nearing release, which may take until the end of the year. It could potentially be the biggest thing I've worked on so I'll be sure to update again when I can!

Thanks for staying tuned, I LUV U GUYZ.

Despite all the different avenues of music I'm continually driving onto these days, I'll always be back to where I started most of this, and that is on NG. Talk again soon. Just with more actual MuZiK next time.


Nick P.

Been real busy, folks.


Keep On Workin Nick, Im Sure your fans (Me and thousands of others) Will love your newest works :D and may i say, your pieces are amazing? personally im a lover of castlevania, and have been focusing mainly on those, but i do love all of your pieces ive listened to so far, and will continue to listen!


Why!! Why do you have to be so good??