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ANNOUNCEMENT: Symphony of Specters!

Posted by NickPerrin - June 26th, 2011

Hello again, NG!

This is a big announcement for me and because of its relevance to Newgrounds might be pretty cool for you too!

I'm now officially part of the Symphony of Specters team!

If you haven't heard of the Symphony before, they're a team of composers, sound designers and voice actors that began on NG. Most of the NG audience knows them because they did the music for the Newgrounds game "Castle Crashers." Since then, they have SERIOUSLY expanded their efforts and have been taking on lots of great projects. It's a pleasure to be able to work with them.

You can check them out at the following link.


I'm handling chiptune music and orchestral fusions for the team, so be sure to check out my new audio reel at either of the two options.

At the SoS official website. Click on my name in the music player, then the play button.
http://www.symphonyofspecters.com/port folio/audio-reels

On Newgrounds at the SoS account.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /430582

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and I'm looking forward to working with the Symphony from now into the future as we push our music to the limits.

- Nick P.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Symphony of Specters!



this is relevant to ma interets.

Ah there you are, haha. Who's currently running the NG side of SoS?
Feel free to post my reel from the site here on NG, too. :)

One of us.

SOS The best in the business Ps they got dicks like Jesus

interesting, this is same sort of thing i'm trying to produce myself for my own game project. This is a pretty cool collective.

Congratulations. I hope working with Chuck will be lots of fun for you.


we are the borg olololololol

Except I'm the Borg with the shiny emboss photoshop effect on my logo. YEAAAH

Congrats on winning when I saw the top 8 I was willing to bet money you would get 1st and that is saying a lot considering the competition.

Thanks man, your support is appreciated. Hope you enjoyed all the music that came out of the contest. (Windswept was abridged because of contest length limits, but I'll be uploading a longer version soon.) Cheers!

Where did you first begin learning how to compose music? Do you go to school for this kind of thing? Are there any resources you would be willing to share to an aspiring newcomer?

Hi! This reply is a little late - I haven't been checking here often.
What I can say is if you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a PM, and I'd probably be more than happy to answer you or help you with something. Cheers!

Big fan of SoS, ya'll are the first i recommend to anyone looking for skilled audio artists!

Thanks my man! It's been more than a year now since I posted this announcement, and I've had a great time as a part of the crew. Hope to make you an even bigger fan as we get bigger & better >:)