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Six chiptunes to come.

Posted by NickPerrin - June 12th, 2009

Hey fellow musicians and listeners!

For my chiptune fans...

I have SIX chiptunes in the works currently. In fact, they were all in progress while I released the ones that were finished. I've decided to finally get them all done. All of them are inspired from the styles of real NES chiptunes, as if they could be dropped right into the 80's and early 90's right away. I've learned a lot about chiptune composition and arrangement through remixing 8-bit tunes and studying the techniques of 8-bit work.

ALL THE CHIPTUNES, LIKE THE ONES I'VE ALREADY RELEASED, ARE MADE WITHIN THE NES HARDWARE LIMITS - 1 Triangle Wave, 2 Square Waves, 1 Noise Channel, 1 DPCM channel. The songs never exceed those limits. I want to make them sound like they could really come straight out of a NES game.

Status on those chiptunes will be updated here.

I won't be releasing any until they're all done - they will all be released simultaneously on the same day! Stay tuned for that time!

1.) SpaceFarer [DONE!]- Shmup-style space action! Think Gradius.

2.) Chip Man [in progress] - Why, it's like level music for a Megaman robot master!

3.) Shined Blind [in progress] - Wacky and all-over-the-place! Fun stuff.

4.) In a Flash [in progress] - Stylish butt-kicking time!

5.) Sky Hawks [in progress] - Aerial fighter-style game music!

6.) Task Force 8 [in progress] - Side-scrolling Contra-style shooter action. This track is special because I'm pretending I have the VRC6 sound chip, and giving the track EXTRA CHANNELS and BASS!

Stay tuned folks....
Six chiptunes are going to drop soon, out of nowhere.

Feel free to leave some comments, and I will respond to any questions/comments etc.

Six chiptunes to come.


Alright, more to add to my chiptune playlist a la newgrounds. It's all you... I mean eliteferrix and paragon and saia88 also have made a whole bunch I use too but, yours actually follow the true limits of NES chiptune ya know? Look'n forward man. Look'n forward.

When you listed Number 5 on your list, I immediately thought of Captain Skyhawk for the NES. Good game, good times.

Haha that's exactly what I had in mind when I named the track. Great game, I remember being so impressed back in the day with those "dogfight" sections.

I've been really fond of all your chiptune songs for a long time and I can't wait for these new ones.

You're really talented. I especially enjoy listening to your 8 Bit songs, they rock! I listen to them quite often.

I can't wait for the next ones!

(Haha you should sell CDs when you'll have enough songs to actually make one. That would be great. I'd be the first to buy it =p )