Entry #9

Come visit and listen to my work at...

2014-08-31 10:37:30 by NickPerrin

...my very own domain website.


Could it get any simpler? WOO HOO! More changes to the site are likely to be made in the near future, but in the meantime you can hear demos of my music right this second.

If you want to work together, now's the time! Let's get cracking on some great projects.


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2014-08-31 11:12:06

Good stuff.

I hope I can be as great at composing as you one day. For now, practice beats and simple rhythms. :P


2014-08-31 11:49:42

LOVED the chiptune reel! Ahhhh the memories lol.
Well done on you website and i hope to hear some more stuff from you soon :)


2014-08-31 13:10:41

Wooooooooow. I love your classical tunes. Inspirational. :)


2014-08-31 15:42:36

Hey! I still log in to Newgrounds every month or so - Happened to notice your news story on the side panel about the site. I'm glad I checked it out. The music is really impressive!

Just wanted to drop by and show some love :)

NickPerrin responds:

Glad you dropped by, always appreciated! Cheers!


2014-09-21 11:06:49

Yes sir Mr. Windswept I will go check out your website sir.

Seriously, though, I've listened to "Windswept" many times to study it and just to enjoy it. Thank you for that amazing piece of inspiring music.

NickPerrin responds:

Thank YOU for listening!