MaestroRage Interviews.... ME!?!

2008-06-04 01:27:49 by NickPerrin

So Milkman-Dan on his great Canadian Audio Tour checked into the Sutton Hotel in Toronto over the weekend, and although he was out when I dropped by, and everyone else had visited the day before, I met up with (NG Tank Award-Winning!) Maestro. We worked a bit on the collaboration track (and as you'll hear, had some difficulties with Dan's CUBASE!), did an interview, and ate Sobey's chicken with our bare hands. It was pretty tasty.

Without further ado, here's the interview! s/audiosad/Interview2.mp3

P.S. If you really want to piss Maestro off... tell him his songs sound like Naruto.


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2008-06-06 19:20:40

That was quite an interesting and humorous interview haha.
A lot of truth in your responses, Nick.
Quite some insightful looks into NG, for a new or outside person perhaps.



2008-06-06 19:32:35

OMG dude I totally feel for you when you mentioned the scrolling thing in Cubase. Although I've pretty much a master at scrolling 100% horizontally now. Great words of advice and stuff. I totally forgot to tell you before how awesome you are at beat boxing when you working on that one technique on that youtube video. Oh yeah, and thanks for mentioning me, I really appreciate it. It truly is a great honor to be awarded the Nick Perrin Choice Award.

Maestro, your tracks sound like macaroni cheese splashed on some lionel richie albums with space invaders sfx over dial up connection noises.


2008-06-22 15:43:57

lol, beatboxing. good stuff. So um, just for fun, we should beatbox duel, lol. I'm not bad myself :P 4 years doing it, but just recently got better (finally, lol).

-Nice beat though! I'll get back to you when I post a beatboxing song on NG.

NickPerrin responds:

Hey man, I'd totally be up for that! We should do the "songs" then drop a thread on the audio forum with links to our audio. I just need to get a decent recording setup going first. Let me know when your beatboxing track is up!


2008-12-06 16:42:43

I really liked your song "Transcend". I left a review for it.

NickPerrin responds:

Many thanks! Your thoughts are appreciated.


2008-12-13 00:33:59

I'm glad you appreciate my comments on your song. Do you mind if I use it for my Flash project?

NickPerrin responds:

Woops, sorry I didn't see this sooner. Yup, you can use it in your flash project, provided that I am clearly credited within it and the flash project is not used for any commercial purpose. Cheers!


2009-01-14 19:53:03

To make it easier to not post on all of your songs, but will I be able to use your songs in my game?


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